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Donna as a Radical Forgiveness Coach
Learn how forgiveness can change you, your life, and your future.

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In music, "grace notes" are used as delicate ornamentation to embellish, enhance and "illuminate" those melodies and notes already present within a musical composition.


GraceNotes, as conceived by Donna, describes her special musical performances, workshops, seminars and speaking events designed to help participants of all ages discover and enhance their own innate talents and special abilities--conceived, given, and meant to be shared in grace!


Musical Messages of Encouragement & Inspiration

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Donna Michael––composer, singer/songwriter, recording artist, teacher, and motivational speaker—combines her uplifting vocal and instrumental music with a deeply inspiring keynote message to offer GraceNotes—encouraging, self-empowering presentations of hope, faith, grace and possibility.


These special programs, workshops and performances are perfect for participants of all ages, and Donna is available to visit schools, businesses and churches as well as conferences, conventions and special interest meetings. GraceNotes can give you the opportunity to experience and develop greater awareness, understanding and appreciation of yourself and your unique talents and enjoy the prospect of limitless possibility as you discover, express, and share your own special gifts with this world!



A former award-winning teacher with a Masters degree in art, Donna Michael has taught students from pre-school to college. A member of Nashville's music industry community, she previously served as Regional Workshops Director for the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) where she furthered the development of the organization's largest educational outreach program for songwriters.


As an accomplished composer and singer/songwriter, Donna Michael has recorded and released ten critically acclaimed albums. Performing in churches, listening rooms and concert hall settings, she offers music that has been described as "a heavenly escape," "food for the soul," and "wondrously healing." As an artist, MUSIC ROW MAGAZINE calls her "a rare talent." As a speaker, Donna Michael's message will touch your heart and awaken your soul to shine as only you were meant to do!


Some of Donna's Most Requested

GraceNotes Programs


  • The Greatest Gift––What’s Your Present?

Each one of us was given a unique gift in the form of talents and abilities. Have you opened that gift? Do you know what it is? Are you using it? Through music, inspiring stories and personal reflections, Donna encourages you to address and express your true gifts. Don’t "bury your talents." Don't wait for the future. Open the present right now—IN the present—and share it with the world!

(This program is also offered as a special workshop for groups of all ages. See below for full explanation and details on this "gifted" seminar!)

· A Single Star––A Little Light Goes A Long Way

Even on the darkest, blackest night, a single star can make a difference with its tiny light. You, too, are a light. Do you only see the darkness? How brightly do you shine? How brightly could you shine? Donna's piano composition, "A Single Star," is based on the well-known nursery rhyme melody (and Mozart masterpiece), and together with other music, stories, and "illuminating" insights, she will encourage you to find and shine your light! (Suitable for children and adults.)  

· Make A Wish and Make It So!

Did you ever make a wish on a star or before you blew out your birthday candles? Did it come true? What would you do if it did? What do you really want more than anything else? Is it just a wish or an unclaimed reality? Donna's combination of inspiring music and message with "wishful" reflections will offer insight into your deepest dreams and how to make them happen! (Suitable for children and adults.)  

· This Feels Like Heaven––Oh Really????

What's all this talk about creating and living your heaven here on earth? What happens when you feel like you've been sold a permanent residence on the other side of the cosmic tracks? How do you move out (and up!) to a better (and higher) level of existence and experience your full potential right here and now? Donna's uplifting, lyrical piano composition, "This Feels Like Heaven," serves as the musical foundation for this inspiring opportunity to truly feel—and live––the difference! (Can be tailored for both children and adults.)  

· Something I Promised You

Almost nothing hurts worse than having someone break a promise––especially when it's someone you love, respect or admire. It's difficult to deal with such brokenness. Yet, how many times have you broken a promise to yourself? "Something I Promised You," Donna's reflective piano composition, sets the tone for a time of introspection, forgiveness and acceptance with a message of healing, hope––and new promises you can keep. (Suitable for both children and adults.)


   To schedule a GraceNotes presentation or for more information: Contact: Quarterlight Productions (615) 383-4989

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The Greatest Gift

Creative Workshops for the Creative Spirit

From the youngest child to the mature adult, there burns within us a creative spirit that longs to be recognized and nurtured. What gifts were you given? Are you using them? How can we "unwrap" our hidden talents and share them with the world?

What is The Greatest Gift?

Donna Michael––composer, singer/songwriter, recording artist, teacher, and motivational speaker—combines music with specially tailored hands-on activities in The Greatest Gift workshops as participants of all ages "open," acknowledge, and share their truly unique creative gifts in ways that can make a remarkable difference in their own lives and the lives of others.

Offering an encouraging, self-empowering message of insight and inspiration, The Greatest Gift workshops can be presented to schools, businesses, churches and special interest organizations. Programs are customized to meet the specific needs and requests of each group of participants, and may include a wide range of activities such as creative writing, music, dance, drama, and visual art. Teachers of school-age children can even incorporate subjects such as history, science, math, and geography. The Greatest Gift workshops are offered to small classes or large groups of all ages, and duration is determined by available schedule.

"We are all unique individuals, each possessing very special God-given gifts waiting to be realized," says Donna, "and we are never too young or too old to express our creative potential." The Greatest Gift workshops provide guidance and encouragement and can help every participant––from young to young at heart––open up to the joy of sharing these wonderful talents with the world!


The Greatest Gift––What’s Your Present?

Each one of us was given a unique gift in the form of talents and abilities. Have you opened that gift? Do you know what it is? Are you using it? Through music, inspiring stories, and personal reflections, Donna Michael encourages you to access and express your true gifts. Don't "bury your talents." Don't wait for the future. Open the present right now––IN the present––and share it with the world! (Suitable for children and adults.)

To schedule The Greatest Gift workshops or for more information: Contact: Quarterlight Productions (615) 383-4989

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