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What you are hearing is one uninterrupted, live studio performance created by Donna Michael. It was recorded as a single, inspired piece of original music, played spontaneously from start to finish, direct to stereo master mix.

There are no individual titles here, for there are no individual tunes--this is one singular piece of music. However, track numbers have been provided should you wish to reference particular segments of this performance.

"A continuous, spontaneous, meditative piece of incomparable beauty."

--Charlene Blevins, MUSIC ROW MAGAZINE

"Perfect for those quiet moments of prayer and meditation."

--Jim Melco, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Takes both client and therapist to a place of physical, emotional and spiritual healing."

--Colette Vigneault, LMT









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This crystal quiet acoustic piano album was recorded live non-stop from the first note to the final echo. A continuous flow of introspective, inspiring, breathtakingly beautiful music that takes you to a sanctuary of stillness.

Perfect for healing, hope, creativity, meditation and massage.

Seventy minutes of serenity.

"This music floats with a delicate energy and a calming grace. It fills my waiting room with a sense of peace; what an unusual treat in a doctor's office!"

--Dr. Stephen Hines, Nashville Tennessee

"Perfect for my classes in relaxation, yoga and Tai Chi."

--Sherri Raeford, Instructor, Greensboro, NC

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