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Music Row Magazine "Somewhere in the Silence"

Music Row Magazine "This Feels Like Heaven"

The Performing Songwriter Magazine, "This Feels Like Heaven"

The Dispatch "Journey for Serenity"

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News Article

Tennessean " Donna Michael has been named a licensed minister. "



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Listen to: NoteDonna's newest song chant CD:

"I Feel Joy"


Donna's newest song chant CD




Listen to: NoteA Light In This World (I Am A Light)"
                from the album "Into the Light"


Five Friends––A Festival of Song

Uplifting, unforgettable concerts featuring the most influential voices of visionary music today!

Donna's tour with Five Friends

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"If you feel like life is falling apart, this heartfelt music can help you

put the pieces back together again."

––Candy Paull, author,




"I have been called by your beautiful gift of music…I soar with 'The Will of the Wind' on wings as I listen. I felt like I was lifted on a cloud to a place of peacefulness. Thank you, my angel, for your

comforting words and music."

––Doreen Russell, listener



"In 'Somewhere in the Silence' Donna effortlessly transports the listener to that higher state which is both peaceful and energizing at the same time. It is refreshing to hear such an accomplished artist know that the silence between the notes is as important as those played.

She has given us an absolutely mesmerizing masterpiece

of crystalline piano compositions that will cascade

into the far reaches of your consciousness."

––Michael Moryc

Matrix Promotions



"Donna's music touches your heart and into the depths of your soul.

God's spirit is shining brightly through her."

––Dave Austin, author, THE UNFINISHED CROSS



"Totally acoustic and completely beautiful...a heavenly escape."

––The Performing Songwriter Magazine

on This Feels Like Heaven



"A continuous, spontaneous, meditative piece of incomparable beauty."

––Music Row Magazine

on Somewhere in the Silence



"Lightens the heart and brings warmth to the soul."

––ESP, Greensboro, NC



"In 'The Will of the Wind,' I have found more comfort than a thick goose-down comforter on a cold winter's night! The spiritual path of God's love you have taken with your life causes your music to shine brightly with sincere truth and honesty."

Jim Stephens, listener



"Some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard."

Arthur Holland, listener



"Classically-trained pianist Donna Michael provides listeners with an escape from reality as she gently guides them through 'Somewhere in the Silence.' This musical stream of consciousness makes the perfect companion for deep relaxation, massage, yoga or simply

providing a calming environment."

––Music Design, Distributor



"[Your music is] soothing, inspiring, enlightening, promising, reminding, calming, clearing, guiding, loving, and KNOWING that God is all we need."

––Rev. Martha Creek



"I can hear your soul dancing…it's beautiful. Dance on!"

Ron Kristy on This Feels Like Heaven

Creative Director, Kristy Productions

composer/producer/performer (Life After Life film score)



"Delicate in texturing…inventive arrangements…"

Jon Pargas

ENCORE Magazine



"It’s a work of art!"

––Jana Stanfield on This Feels Like Heaven

Keynote Concerts, Nashville, Tennessee



"This music is…sweet, reverent, and achingly beautiful.

You cannot imagine how much it has graced my life."

Barbara Anderson, listener



"Without a doubt, you were, for me, the musical highlight of the

RSI Asilomar conference. Not only are you amazingly talented but

 your music is straight from the Spirit, uplifting and always dignified.

If one did not believe in God before hearing you sing, he certainly would

after witnessing Spirit move through your voice."

Rev. Brian Langlois

Cape Coral, Florida