Songwriter Credits:

1. Donna Michael & Gregory Fisher

2. Donna Michael

3. Steve Seskin & Allen Shamblin

4. Rafe VanHoy

5. Donna Michael

6. Jim Photoglo & Greg Barnhill

7. Donna Michael

8. Cynthia Clawson

9. Donna Michael

10. Donna Michael

11. Felice Mancini & Henri Mancini

"From first song to last song, it takes you to a very special place..."

--Claire Ulanoff, Miami Florida

"You feel she is having an intimate conversation with you...worth every moment of listening."

--Kathy Anderson, Hadley Music Group, Nashville, Tennessee







Songs of hope and faith
to remind you of the
ever-present Power of Love

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Donna Michael sings with a gently expressive voice that mirrors the graceful clarity of her solo piano interpretations. With a signature style and sound of delicate honesty and quiet power, she takes the listener on a seamlessly woven musical journey of spiritual awakening.

From a point of questioning to a place of peace and gratitude, here is music that whispers encouragement and love.

Complemented by acoustic piano, guitar, viola and bass, also features three new solo piano compositions.

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