Songwriter Credits:

All songs written and arranged by Donna Michael.


Songbooks and Music

Sheet music and songbooks are available for the music on this and other recordings by Donna. To order or for more information, contact Quarterlight Productions by E-mail


Music for Wellness and Healing Workshops and Retreats

Donna's music is often used for wellness and healing and she is a certified Radical Forgivemess Coach, practitioner, retreat facilitator and speaker.

This limited edition CD is a companion recording to Donna's Out of the Darkness (a double CD set available summer 2005).

Included in the purchase of Into the Light is a proof of purchase coupon that can be applied toward Out of the Darkness. This coupon may only be redeemed at Donna's live performances and is not applicable on Internet, phone orders, in-store or wholesale purchases.




Songs and Music for the Heart, Soul and Spirit

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There are times when our hearts are broken and our lives torn apart—times of sadness, loss and grief that seem too great to bear. In those moments, dark shadows deepen to an endless night and we wonder if we will ever again step into the light....

These are simple song-chants written to be sung and shared with others as a profound message of Truth. They express joy, inspiration and possibility, even though I often wrote them from deep sadness as a prayer for help and hope. They reminded me of who I really am and who you and we are—the Light and Love of God. If we listen—in the silence—we can often hear that whisper...and remember how we shine.


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