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Donna’s music has been described as a “heavenly escape,” “food for the soul,” and “wondrously healing.” With its spirit of hope, faith, grace and possibility, it has touched the hearts and lives of those in churches, wellness centers, hospitals and various settings for the healing arts (including yoga, massage and Tai Chi) and often serves as the focal point for creativity and motivational seminars, workshops and corporate conferences.


Donna’s association with Operation Smile—an organization whose staff and volunteer physicians are dedicated to helping those with physical impairments—together with her own life experiences and work as a performer, speaker and motivational teacher, are continual sources of inspiration for creating and sharing music that can heal and help those who use and hear it.



This Feels Like Heaven, Somewhere in the Silence and The Will of the Wind—three of Donna's recordings—speak to the heart and soul with quiet power and deep compassion as well as a spirit of gratitude, joy and peace. The unusual circumstances surrounding the creation of Somewhere in the Silence—an entire album that is one continual piece of music, recorded from start to finish in a single, uninterrupted seventy-minute session with no pre-planned music—served as a turning point in her own creative and personal life.


“There is a healing force available to all of us if we are willing to make it real in our lives—to stop, to listen, and to feel that amazing power,” says Donna. “Many times I have needed to be reminded of this, and music is, for me, a true wellspring of strength. If I can help just one person, then the circle of hope and healing continues.”


Those who have used and experienced the comforting, soothing, inspiring nature of Donna’s music have felt—and continue to feel—the strength of that circle every time they listen.



“‘Somewhere in the Silence’ is so beautiful. I was filled with a magnificent sense of peace. You allowed God’s light to shine through you so that we could know that the moment, as every moment, was a perfect one. Thank you for showing us all that it happens effortlessly when we listen to our hearts speak to us…somewhere in the silence.”

Lisa Pruiett, RN, RP, FASA

Chambul Chiropractic Center

Nashville, Tennessee


“I played (your version of) ‘Don't Laugh At Me’ as part of my lesson today. It worked wonderfully. One of the women dragged her troubled teen-age son to service. She e-mailed me that he's been talking about the song all day. Thank you for sharing that glimpse of your soul. You have a wonderful ministry!”

Rev. Scott de Snoo

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


“Donna brings a healing spirit to our services. Her original music inspires. You will be blessed by her presence.”

Rev. Mary Katherine Morn

The First Unitarian Universalist Church

Nashville, Tennessee


“I immediately fell in love with ‘This Feels Like Heaven’—it was so melodious and was played with such love and was so soulful that the entire album creates a wonderful mood of joy and peace during massages. ‘Somewhere in the Silence’ is the perfect length and the perfect depth, and it creates a new atmosphere each time it plays. The music is limitless in its exploration of the heart and mind.”

Dianne Killen, LMT

Monterey, California


“In my work in the Music Therapy Clinic, I have used your music to serve as a focal point to increase attending skills, as background for personal reflection and writing exercises, and to establish a mood as a prelude for relaxation or group therapy sessions.”

Tina Haynes, MT-BC, Creative Arts Therapist/Music

Alvin C. York Medical Center

Murfreesboro, Tennessee


“This music is hauntingly beautiful and makes me feel focused and relaxed. I used it in my classes for relaxation, yoga and Tai Chi, and it really worked well as a centering ‘device’ to help focus and quiet my students.”

Sherri Raeford, instructor

Greensboro, North Carolina


“I enjoy playing your CD for my clients (facials) and they are really enjoying listening! It is wonderful for what I do.”

Sharon Kasserman,

Nashville, Tennessee


“As I build my practice as a massage therapist, I strive to create an environment in which my clients feel safe, relaxed and willing to go where my work and the music takes them. The continuous flow of ‘Somewhere in the Silence’ is a perfect catalyst for that to happen.”

Colette Vigneault, LMT


Donna with Dr. Wayne Dyer



“I felt compelled to write and tell you how much I’m touched by your music. There are many songs (on ‘The Will of the Wind’) that moved me at a deep level and helped me as I walk my spiritual path.”

Bill Harris

Atlanta, Georgia


“It is something that touches places deep within me…musical sound flowing deep into secret places that need the loving and healing touch that the Sprit of your music brings.”

Stephen Lee Nelson, listener


“The song that moved me most was the one I heard you sing live at Unity, ‘Don't Laugh At Me.’ You perform it with a great deal of feeling and sensitivity. Like many people, I have had my share of deformity, difference and distress...You have a wonderful talent of playing piano and singing expressively. When you sing I can feel the emotion. That tells me that you have dealt successfully with some issues in your life and have been able to allow emotion to resonate through your singing. You cannot sing like you do and be someone who runs away from emotion.”

Reid Finlayson

A Unity Church visitor


“I played it (‘Somewhere in the Silence’) during crunch time of finals to calm me and keep me focused. It is an amazing work.”

Roy Holdren

Minneapolis, Minnesota


“Your music touches a tender place.”

Gaye Colvin

Virginia Beach, Virginia


“Just what I need for meditation!’

Bo Sebastian,

Nashville, Tennessee


“Such a powerful, peace-inspiring performance could only have come from the Giver of the Peace that passes all understanding.”

Tim Hicks

Cedar Rapids, Iowa


“It helps me find a quiet place that I can concentrate and be productive.”

—Lesa Williams

Sachse, Texas


“Sensual, spiritual and awesome! Perfect for a special romantic evening!”

Doak Turner

Nashville, Tennessee


“Wonderful for my head, heart and soul!”

—Bill Smith

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

From Donna…

“One morning, after nearly a year of writing affirmations and positive thoughts in a journal concerning my music and my direction in life, I felt I’d ‘hit a wall,’ as the expression goes. On that day, I took my pen in my hand and let the thoughts flow from the depths of my heart in a profound sadness and grief I had never felt before, essentially ‘giving up the dream’ and releasing it to The One who gave it to me…


I wrote, ‘ This music has been Your gift to me. I have done what I felt I could in the best way possible. I don’t know what else to do. If You show me, I will follow. It is Yours now, I let it go…’


Shortly thereafter, I awoke one morning with the clear 'message' (thought) that I was to go into a recording studio, and even though I had no idea what I would play, if I would just ‘show up,’ I would be given the music.


From that surrender and trust came the project ‘Somewhere in the Silence.’


It changed my life, it changed my heart, and more importantly,

 it taught me the difference between ‘giving up’ and ‘giving in’…”



From Somewhere in the Silence

(thoughts I wrote in response to creating this music…)


In the crystal stillness of early morning,

     with the first light of dawn…

In the soft hush of evening,

     as shadows deepen…

In the velvet darkness of night

     when nothing moves—not even time…


     And the emptiness seems endless

     The sorrow unbearable

     The prayers unanswered

You whisper—

         Help me

         Heal me

         Hear me


            Tell me

                 Touch me

              Take me


                       See me

                          Show me

                         Save me


                                   Find me

                                 Fill me

                                   Free me


And you listen…